top 11 AI selfie generators for 2024

AI selfie generators that effortlessly transform selfies into captivating artwork, such as avatars, are at the heart of this revolution. You don’t have to possess special photo editing skills; the tools will do all the hard work for you.

Qualities of a Good AI Selfie Generator?

A good AI selfie generator will make your selfies pop with personality and charisma. Different AI selfie generators have varying features and capabilities. Here are the four main qualities that you should consider when comparing them.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in and look at the top 11 AI selfie generators in the market today.

 1# Human Generator

Human selfie generator

Human Generator is a free tool that lets you generate selfie photos in different styles in a few clicks. This tool isn’t just about giving you a stunning image. With its many customization options, it’s about making a digital version of yourself that can work on any platform where you’ll share your selfie. With Human Generator, you can change hair color, poses, backgrounds, clothes, and accessories to suit your style and needs.

Pros of Human Generator

Cons of Human Generator

To generate a selfie with a Human Generator:

Human selfie generator

1. Go to the Human Generator’s photo generation studio.
2. In the top menu of the left toolbar, click Upload Face and upload the photo of your face. Click Update Human.
3. In the top menu of the left toolbar, click Describe, and then describe the selfie you want to get. You can use the description as a prompt or adjust the settings manually in the toolset below. Click Update Human.
4. In the top menu of the left toolbar, click Pose, and choose the pose for your photo. Update an image.
5.  Download your selfie. 

2#  Lensa 

Lensa AI image editing tool review

Lensa is an efficient, user-friendly, and futuristic AI selfie generator you can count on to create stellar images in seconds.

The app comes with easy-to-use features and a simple user interface that makes it utterly easy for novice users to create portrait selfies on the fly.

One of the desirable features that set it a mile ahead of its competitors is the skin-refining effects that allow users to retouch photos by removing blemishes and applying beauty filters. It also has an auto-adjust editing feature.

The hottest-selling and most impressive feature is the AI-powered avatar generator. It can create amazing avatars with different themes. Other notable features include a saturation editor, sharpness tool, lens correction, fade effect, multiple avatar styles, and temperature tool. The possibilities are limitless with Lensa AI.

The app is free to download from Google PlayStore or App Store, and you can leverage the seven-day free trial period to test its features.

After the trial period, you can opt for the yearly paid subscription plan for $35.99. During the trial period, you can only upload 10–20 selfies. The packages range from 50 for $3.99, 100 for $5.99, or 200 for $7.99.

Pros of Lensa

Con of Lensa

3# Austria

Austria AI image editor review

Astria allows users to enhance photos by using text prompts. Unlike Lensa, Austria is a web-based tool that uses a new-generation text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion. This technology allows you to customize your selfies for different purposes, such as video production, concept art, and product shots.

All you have to do is submit a title and a one-word description of your photo to get started. Use prompts to tweak the image. Based on our experience, Astria is pretty straightforward, and you can experiment with it for free.

The website recommends uploading three full body shots, 10–20 images, five medium shots, and ten close-up photos for the best results. The images should have varied poses, backgrounds, lighting, and expressions.

Pros of Astria

Cons of Astria

4# PortraitAI

Portrait AI image editor review

Have you ever wondered how you would look like if you lived in the 1800s? PortraitAI will satisfy your curiosity by creating impressive 18th-century-themed avatars using AI. Upload your selfie and let the app do its magic.

You can post the generated portraits on any online platform; the portraits are not copyrighted. The app comes with 100+ filters that you can leverage to polish your portraits. Gorilla Pablo Picasso, Chubby, Cartoon+, and Chubby are the most popular filters.

Pros of PortraitAI

Con of PortraitAI

5# MyHeritage AI Time Machine

MyHeritage AI Time Machine tool review

MyHeritage AI Time Machine is an intuitive online genealogy platform that allows you to create a family tree using photos. It does this by skimming through massive data that contains more than 19.4 billion photos and historical records.

It creates a series of historically-themed images based on the selfies you upload. The platform recommends uploading 10–25 photos captured at different angles, with no glasses or heavy makeup, varying backgrounds, and facial expressions for the best results.

Pros of MyHeritage AI Time Machine

Cons of MyHeritage AI Time Machine

6# Artbreeder

Artbreeder AI image creator review

Artbreeder is a web-based AI selfie generator that creates stunning images by blending album covers, landscapes, and other forms of media. One of its highlights is that it allows you to create unique collages from images and shapes using text prompts.

You can spice up the portraits using the Splicer feature that remixes the portraits and allows you to edit specific aspects such as brightness, background, and tone.

You can also customize the images by specifying the age and gender. Other elements you can add to make the avatar custom are beard, smile, and other emotions.

Pros of Artbreeder

Cons of Artbreeder

7# AIGahaku

AIGahaku AI image editor review

AlGahaku is a popular AI selfie generator that you can use to transform ordinary portraits into masterpieces worth a spot in an art gallery. Its gallery has 300+ art styles that you can use to add personality to your portraits.

Like other AI tools reviewed above, AlGahaku offers multiple filters that you can use to make your portrait look like Rembrandt, a Picasso masterpiece. It also goes the extra mile to remove imperfections and add retouches to give the final portrait a natural look.

Pros of AlGahaku

Cons of AlGahaku

8# Designify

Designify AI editor review

Creating AI-powered artwork from selfies has always been challenging. With Designify AI technology, you can create engaging visuals for your marketing campaigns or social media posting by uploading your selfie.

The app can detect imperfections in the pictures and correct them automatically. It can remove backgrounds that don’t resonate with the portrait, enhance coloring, and fine-tune smart shadows to give the portrait a professional look.

Pros of Designify

Cons of Designify

9# Photo Lab AI Artist

Photo Lab AI Artist review

Photo Lab AI Artist is a free AI selfie generator that you can use to create admirable vector portraits using artificial intelligence. The app creates stylish vector portraits in seconds, and you can download them to your phone or computer in high resolution.

Notably, the generated portraits are indistinguishable from the original selfie uploaded. It also has cool features, such as effects and filters, that you can use to personalize the portraits.

Pros of Photo Lab AI Artist

Cons of Photo Lab AI Artist

10# NightCafe

NightCafe AI image editor tool review

NightCafe is a handy tool that you can use to boost your creativity by generating realistic and artistic portraits based on selfies you upload.

Since its inception, its AI algorithms have been updated multiple times to enhance accuracy and develop the best portraits. It relies on millions of pictures uploaded online as well as text descriptions/prompts.

Unlike other AI selfie generators, NightCafe can generate a portrait based on text descriptions. Ensure the description encompasses the main features you want for the best results.

Pros of NightCafe

Cons of NightCafe

11# Instant Portrait

Instant Portrait AI image editor review

Instant Portrait is a free AI selfie generator that you can use to transform your selfie or photo into a professional painting. The interface is intuitively designed to suit both novice and experienced users.

It’s simple to use — upload your image to the app or web browser and select the preferred theme and portrait to get started.

For the best results, make sure that the selfies are close up and well-lit to enable the AI to detect your facial features correctly.

Pros of Instant Portrait

Cons of Instant Portrait

12# MeBoom

MeBoom AI image editor tool review

MeBoom is an Android or iOS app that uses AI technology to create magical avatars. At the time of writing, this AI selfie generator has 20 styles, which include retro, sketch, 80s anime, and fantasy.

You have full control over every aspect of the auto-generated portrait. Meaning you can change your appearance and add unique expressions and personal traits. The user interface is well-organized to give you access to all the features. No prior experience is required.

To get started, you must first upload your photo, choose the preferred avatar style, enter a description, and click the “create” tab to generate the avatar. Once generated, you can use the app’s accessories and fashionable outfits to personalize the avatar before downloading or sharing it online.

Pros of MeBoom

Cons of MeBoom

Final Thoughts

AI selfie generators are invaluable tools for adding a touch of creativity and flair to your selfies. The top 11 AI selfie generators reviewed in this article embody the qualities of simplicity, customization, diverse styles, and themes while preserving the quality and authenticity of the original selfie.

Try Lensa, Prisma Labs AI signature tool, and share your experience in the comment section. See you on the other side!

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