How To Market to Generation Z in Singapore and Get Results

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by Alphan Maina

According to research conducted by Connected Life and a report published at, Singaporeans spend 6.7 hours a day engaging in online activities. Business operators in Singapore will be compelled to either participate in internet marketing to accommodate members of Generation Z or to risk being outsmarted by their competitors.

Because digital marketing in Singapore is all about reaching your target market, accommodating Gen Z can be a daunting task. You may need to change almost everything you know, starting with the language and your understanding of the market.

Who Is a Member of Generation Z?

Any person born in the mid-1990s and the early 2000s is a member of Generation Z. You can also refer to them as post-millennials, Homeland Generation, or iGeneration. By now, they are in their early 20s — in college, or just graduating. This group is privileged to access smartphones and other technological devices.

Since most of their activities depend on mobile apps and other web platforms, digital marketing is going to be different. Consequently, most business owners in Singapore have no idea how to market to Generation Z.

Forget about the kid you knew way back 15 years ago. Most of them possess a higher purchasing power compared to preceding generations. Growing up in the digital environment influences their response to ads and anything else related to them.

Which Challenges You Are Likely to Encounter When Marketing to the Generation Z Members?
how to market to generation z

If you have ever tried to engage a member of this group, you will not fail to notice how easily they get distracted. They cannot listen to a boring advert for more than a minute without showing signs of disinterest or distaste.

You can blame it on the parents or teachers for raising spoiled kids, but some things aren’t as they seem. You see, they are programmed to pay attention to things they can relate to. No amount of sophistication or strictness can change that fact.

As an entrepreneur, you will need relevant gimmicks to boost your sales. You may have some in mind, but the old tactics are standing in your way. Now, you are compelled to change your strategies to tease their thinking.

The dynamic nature of businesses in Singapore is one thing you should never ignore. Anytime your consumers’ habits change, you will also need to adapt — or risk being overtaken by your rivals. It is the right time to evaluate whether you are qualified to conduct digital marketing in Singapore.

Why the Post-Millennials Are Significant for Your Business

Did you know that members of Gen Z possess the highest purchasing power in Singapore? They are likely to make up for 40% of all customers by 2020. They may not be employed by then, but they still have influence with their parents.

How to Market to Generation Z

You have understood the purchasing power post-millennials have over your business. Use the following tactics to digital marketing in Singapore for your brand:

Capture their interest

Gen Z members live equally in the digital world as in the real one. They always have their smart devices within reach. These devices distract them from boredom, giving them a reason to be busy during downtime. They will share everything they see and experience on social media and other digital platforms.

What’s the catch? Your primary role is to find out about the latest trend in the market. For example, you can find out the latest fashion trend, if it is your area of specialization. Are they pairing their skinny jeans with trainers or oxfords?

Having a conspicuous social media presence is also important. Use memes, if you have to. Allow them to associate with your brand. Remember, you can be relevant, trendy, and a masterpiece at the same time.

Be honest

Digital marketing in Singapore is too complicated to deal with dishonest marketing. Don’t be deceived into thinking that this group has no idea about your brand. Forget about how everyone perceives them. They aren’t kids anymore.

Because the internet never forgets, you have higher chances of winning favor in their eyes only if you are truthful. Integrity represents the values you stand for as a brand. That should be your selling point.

With time, they will remember all the values you instilled in them. That is how you capture their interest in your brand.

Entertain them — it’s never that serious

Everyone wants to get a good laugh, even when they are attending to serious matters. Entertaining ads in internet marketing often perform well among this group, because hitting the right buttons may not be enough. Remember, the jokes can only get funnier if they are directed at specific Gen Z groups.

As a Singaporean brand marketer, you may fail to find the right jokes to grab their attention. You can use memes if you must, as long as they don’t hurt their esteem. You are doing something wrong if they are laughing but not getting the point of your jokes.

Avoid portraying profit-driven motives

All businesses in Singapore can only grow if they make profits. While this may be one of your primary goals, it may not auger well with Gen Z members. This generation is aware of the impact your business has on the environmental, political, and socio-economic parameters of society today.

This generation tends to associate with celebrities more than anyone else. All they want is for you to customize your digital marketing skills through the brands they buy online. It explains why they aspire to buy brands that uphold values and their expectations.

To instill a positive attitude towards your products, revise your core values first. After that, you can inform them about your motive for going that direction. If you are profit-driven irrespective of the damage you leave in the process, you run the risk of being avoided like the plague.

Optimize your mobile-friendly website

Three-quarters of post-millennials in Singapore use their mobile phones or smartphones to access information and entertainment. It is assumed that most teens get their first phone when they are 12 or 13 years old. Their predecessors, who are 25 to 34 years old, may have gotten theirs when they were 20.

Being an e-marketer means you view smartphones as personal assets. It is where customers retrieve information, store their secrets, and share their experiences. People born in this age are reluctant to put their phones away to attend to other things.

Most teens love shopping online. So, as a Singapore entrepreneur, you will need to optimize for mobile devices. You can get a web developer to optimize your brand’s theme to make it more relevant. Ensure the navigation tools are easy-to-use.

Most importantly, you will need to create content that is familiar to them. Include vertical videos if you must. In the end, you will reach many like-minded people at the click of a button.


To be a successful entrepreneur in Singapore, you will either need to go with change, or risk being shunned by Generation Z. Treat them as the adults they are, and not the kids the society wants them to be. Grab their attention with captivating content, instead of placing monotonous ads.

Due to an increase in demand for smartphones and other devices, this group holds the highest purchasing power in Singapore. Bearing all of this in mind, digital marketing in Singapore will continue to undergo a tremendous transformation.

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