In the modern digital marketing world, the allure of artificial intelligence (AI) for content creation is undeniable. It promises efficiency, speed, and convenience, which are highly sought after in today’s fast-paced landscape. 

AI-written content vs. Human-written content: Which is better?

We recognize AI’s potential benefits at Alpha SEO Plus, a premier content writing and copywriting provider. However, we caution against overreliance on this technology, as evidenced by recent findings by industry expert Neil Patel.

The AI Dilemma: Speed vs. Quality

While AI undoubtedly expedites the content creation process and aids in idea generation, Patel’s research highlights a crucial caveat: the quality of AI-generated content often pales compared to human-created content. Despite its efficiency, AI struggles to produce original, engaging material that resonates with audiences and drives website traffic.

Key Insights from Neil Patel’s Analysis

AI vs. Humans

Contrary to popular belief, creating content with AI does not necessarily translate to time saved. In fact, the process of utilizing AI, from content modification to formatting and publication, still demands significant time investment.

AI-written content vs. Human-written content

Traffic Over Time Experiment

 Patel’s experiment involving 744 articles published on 68 websites revealed a stark contrast in traffic generation between AI-generated and human-written content. Despite initial perceptions of AI’s efficiency, human-written articles consistently outperformed their AI counterparts, garnering substantially higher organic SEO traffic over time.

AI-written content traffic vs. Human-written content traffic

Alpha SEO Plus’s Approach: Balancing AI and Human Expertise

We agree with Neil Patel’s findings that you cannot rely solely on AI for content creation.  We advocate for a balanced approach to content creation that harnesses AI technology’s and human creativity’s strengths.

 While AI can assist in keyword integration and research, we believe that human ingenuity is indispensable in crafting compelling, original content that drives meaningful engagement and fosters brand loyalty.

Strategic Use of AI: Integration with Human Expertise

While recognizing the potential of AI in keyword integration for SEO purposes, Alpha SEO Plus suggests a strategic approach to using AI in content creation.

AI Writer Usage Guide: A Step-by-Step Approach


Alpha SEO Plus acknowledges the potential benefits of AI but urges marketers to avoid relying solely on it for content creation and content marketing. While AI streamlines certain aspects, human ingenuity remains irreplaceable in delivering unique, engaging content that resonates with audiences. A balance between AI technology and human expertise ensures a comprehensive and effective content marketing strategy.

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